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How did Mid Pinellas Learn and Play start?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Mid Pinellas started in January of 2018 as a weekly playground meet up. We slowly added #philanthrolab science classes, then nature walks, beach school and forest school. We are evolving based on the needs and desires of our members.

This group has been making a natural progression based off of the children who attend. We always had transitioning to an LLC in our future. and that dream became a reality in October of 2019. We are adding more experiences and connections with nature in 2020. Come join us and see what we have instore for you and your children.

We started out as a child-led experience and we are continuing on with that same philosophy. We are taking into account every child regardless of age and tailoring their experience to them. Every child is different and learns differently. We are not a cookie cutter school. We will have options for interactive play, sensory experiences, and art. However, each child can decided when and how they want their experience to be. We will not have pre cut out or pre designed ideas as to what the art should look like. We are looking for everyone's art to look completely different and look forward to seeing how your child takes and makes things into his or her own work of art.

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