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Mid Pinellas Learn and Play final post of 2019

We are transitioning beautifully to a nature school. The children are super receptive to the small changes we are making. Children learn best when they are having fun playing and exploring. So far we have unveiled our stick let's, sensory art, balancing buckets, math game, and nature cards. Below, is a small sample of what to expect and so much more. The parents who have already signed up are super excited with the changes to come in 2020. We have so much more in store for the children who are going to join us. I am putting the finishing touches on our monthly nature journals which will have information on the ecosystem of the month, Montessori style 3 part cards, and a definition matching game. Registration is now open. Our meet and greet is January 6, 2020 at 10am and we will have our first science class of the year with @philanthrolab! I want to say thank you to everyone who came out in 2019 to have adventures with us. #natureschool #forestschool #midpinellaslearnandplay #midpinellaslearnplay #philanthrolab

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