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Snow Science Class

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Due to popular demand we are adding an additional science class per month! I know my son is going to be thrilled to have science with Ms. Stacey twice a month now. Mark your calendars for the first and third Monday of every month as Stacey Diaz, #philanthrolab, will be at our playground events. This past Monday we learned about snow!!


Ms. Stacey makes science fun and engaging for every child who attends her class. She read a book that talked about how "wet and sticky" snow works best to build snowmen, and we sang a song about snowmen.

The weather was perfect for a lesson on snow. It was breezy, chilly, and overcast. The children melted cylinder snowmen made with baking soda, water, glitter, and snowmen parts by using droppers full of vinegar. They got to see snow grow with her magic snow she brought! I know their favorite part was playing with snow made with baking soda and conditioner. We also measured the melting snow in a glass jar in centimeters.

Snow is so much fun to play with.

Science class is always a blast thank you Ms. Stacey Diaz

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