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What does a day in the forest look like?

For the winter and spring of 2019 we had one location and by the end of spring we found what would be our second location to start up in the summer. These two locations could not be any different.#midpinellaslearnandplay #forestschool

“We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the Marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things." Charlotte Mason

Intercoastal Location

This location is more of an open park with benches, picnic tables, large live oak trees to climb and explore around, and the best part it is on the intercoastal set amongst the Mangrove estuary. The children can play in the water all while looking for dolphins, crowned conchs, pelicans, mangrove crabs, and so much more. The biggest hit for them is the water and the sand. For us parents and caregivers the shade that the Oak trees provide is the biggest plus.

Our explorers have their buckets, shovels, swimsuits and googles as their favorite tools for exploration.

"The cooperative play and sharing is huge at this location. The children are working together to build whatever it is that comes to their imagination. Others choose to explore among the mangrove hunting for shells, or animals to find."

Our Forest Location

This is a beautiful location in a tranquil park. There are plenty of logs, sticks, palm frond, and a leaning palm tree for the kids to explore and use their imagination to the fullest. You will often times find children walking the logs, hoping over them, pretending to be a train conductor or whatever else comes to mind. The sticks, pinecones, and leaves become tools to write, create letters, shapes, or used for simple math problems. The shorter ends of palm fronds have even been used to create a hopscotch game! Longer ends of the palm fronds have been used to create ramps, buildings, forts, or whatever comes to mind. Our large log often becomes a fort and we collect palm fronds to create a shelter.

I wouldn't trade our adventures for anything.

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