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What is different about Mid Pinellas Learn and Play?

We are a nature school which means our learning takes place in nature. Learning unfolds as each child's inquisitive mind ask questions and we respond with answers. This is what child-led learning means to me. Children learn best when they are having fun playing and exploring. We have so much in store for the children who will attend our winter 2020 semester. So far we have unveiled our stick let's and balancing buckets. In the next few weeks we will be unveiling our nature cards, and knot skills. Come join us for our last few free events of the year. Below is a small sample of what to expect and so much more. Our school will evolve based off of each child, and what their needs, desires, and interests are. #natureschool #forestschool #midpinellaslearnandplay #midpinellaslearnplay

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