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Winter Session 2021

All of our students had a wonderful time exploring our basecamps and learning about brumation with the reptiles in Florida, learning about the birds who migrate to Florida, winter foods, animal camouflage, and so much more. Each week we covered pond studies at each of our locations. The students really got into measuring the depth of water, testing ph, measuring from the rack line at 2 of our locations, and working on their boats. We drew in our nature journals and talked about our pictures we drew. We made observations with our trees and plants, which ones lost leaves first and which ones sprouted back to life the quickest. Our basecamps go through the most amount of changes during the winter season.

Forest school isn't just for our students, our parents and caregivers are learning right along side their children and are just as eager to ask questions and explore! We have so many caregivers and parents who are ready for class each week right along with their children. There is something about taking the time to sit in nature that relaxes us all. Forest school allows all of us to take a deep breathe and connect with nature. This peace allows all of us to recharge our batteries for the rest of the week. Time and time again we have parents and caregivers thank us for our classes Nature school impacts us all when we take the time to stop and make observations about their surroundings that they didn't do before. We love seeing parents and children making these positive changes in their lives. Children learn and grow when they see their parents or caregivers express an interest and forest school is the best hands on learning for the whole family. On Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, comparing and contrasting demonstrates understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions and stating main ideas. Our children(and Parent/caregivers) are building these skills together every week.

These last 8 weeks we were able to make so many observations with the changing of our season. For the first time in a few years we were able to enjoy the cooler weather! We bundled up to play and explore for longer time periods. Due to this cooler weather more plants shed their leaves earlier and left more barren spots for us to play in. By Mid February some of the plants and trees were coming back to life with new leaves or flowers on them and by March everything was coming back to life in full force.

Our spring session starts up next week and we cannot wait to see our parent/caregivers and children return to our classes. Registration is open for our Spring Session don't delay in reserving your spot. Our Spring Session runs from March 15, 2021- May 7, 2021.

Our family registration fee is $10.00

Drop-in Class is $8.00

8 Class pass is $40.00

Materials Bag is $25.00( highly suggested) it contains a bug catcher, bug tongs, and binoculars

As always feel free to reach out to us by email @ or message us on the Wix app if you are a member.

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