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Summer Session
Monday Classes


We have open play on the playgrounds every Monday from 10:00AM to 11:00AM. Times may vary due to weather. Pack up a snack/lunch and join us for as long as you can. Every Monday we will have the option of one class.

Beginner Spanish

Explore beginner Spanish through stories, songs, movement and play with Miss Betty! Children will learn about animals, colors, weather, nature, the Earth, and more. Class time starts at 10:00 AM. Only 1 class is offered in July.

Wonderful Writers

Wonderful Writers is a class for children ready to make their words come to life on  paper! We will practice handwriting and writing of short stories. Class time starts at 12:20PM.

doodle art

Practice makes perfect-er, and doodling is so much fun! Learn how to draw using basic shapes and colors in this fun creative mini art class with Jenipher Lyn. 

Class starts at 10:00 AM.

Only 1 class in June is offered.

Yoga and Mindful Art

Children will explore their connection to themselves and nature through yoga and mindful play. Yoga poses and mindful activities will be inspired by what we find in our natural environment. The class will combine yoga, music, poetry, art, and storytelling as we go on a yoga adventure together. Class time starts at 10:00 AM. Only 1 class is offered in June. 

 Science Scholars

Join us every 2nd Monday in our Spring Session for Hands on Science classes with Stacey Diaz. Class time starts at 12:00PM.


Learn Ukulele chords, sing, and play along to favorite songs. Jenipher Lyn is a full time artist and Ukulele lover.

Class starts at 10:00 AM

Recommended for ages 3 and above.

Only 1 class in July is offered.

Science Scholars

Get Hands-on Science classes with demonstrations, a read aloud, and concepting-connecting crafts. Class time starts at 10:00 AM. Recommended for ages 3 and above. Only 2 classes are offered, one in June and one in July.

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