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Our Mission

Our mission at  Mid Pinellas Learn and Play is to provide an educational,  nature based immersion program. This program allows children to be empowered with their learning through what we find in nature, imaginary play, or unstructured playtime. By learning this way, each child is free to learn in a way that is best for them. This further promotes a positive self image, emotional, and physical development for each child. By having our next generation of children out in nature we are further connecting them to our environment and our community. We aim to foster learning in a fun, and innovative way.  We are creating a community of people who believe in learning through sensory immersion in nature. We strive to build on the natural experience to foster a life-long love of learning We are open to everyone regardless of their race, religion, language, or any other factor. 


Stacey Diaz, Leader

Stacey Diaz is a mom to a 4 year old daughter, who became a member and teacher with Mid Pinellas Learn and Play since 2018. Her background is in elementary education and is a Florida certified teacher with over 12 years experience working in Pinellas, both for public schools and homeschool. She loves to travel and explore the outdoors She is an owner and educator of her own local business and is happy to be a part of helping families and inspiring children.


Renaann Apple, Leader

Renaann Apple is a mother of very energetic 2 and 4 year old outdoor loving boys! Before becoming a mother she was a certified K - 5 teacher for deaf/hard of hearing students. When she is not working part time as a sign language interpreter she loves to sing, sign, play, and explore the outdoors with her family. She has a passion to encourage children’s creativity, exploration and play. All while learning to love themselves and the outdoors.


Mariel Gallagher, Leader

Mariel Gallagher is a mom to a 9 year old boy. While she is not working from her home-based business as a freelance graphic designer, Mariel loves exploring new places and doing new things. Growing up in her native country, Venezuela, fave Mariel the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and finds joy in the little things. She has been a Cub Scout leader for her son's pack since 2016. Mariel truly enjoys teaching children to appreciate all of the wonders that nature offers while creating a positive impact on the environment and our community.


Jenipher Lyn, Ukulele Teacher

 Jennipher Lyn is a full time artist and Ukulele lover. She is a mom to a 3 year old boy. She taught herself how to play by borrowing one from the Dunedin Library and hasn't put it down yet! We are very excited to have her join us on Mondays at our playground days! 

With her Ukulele lessons she starts off easy by teaching you the first few basic notes that are practically in every song, and moves into a few kid songs, and then we can move forward to more fun songs. 


Betty Larrea, Yoga Teacher

Betty Larrea is a poet, yoga instructor and the author of Lucinda’s Magical Yoga Adventure. She is mama to a curious and creative 3 year girl. Betty has been teaching yoga to children and families for over 20 years and has yoga teacher certifications from Three Sisters yoga in NYC, Karma Kids Yoga and Rainbow Kids Yoga. Her Be Yoga Be Love curriculum and Mindful Play Shops integrate yoga, poetry, art, music, mindfulness and storytelling to inspire kids and grownups to express themselves while promoting literacy and life skills. Betty offers author visits, private family yoga and staff development programs for educators. Betty loves reading, writing, making art, dancing, playing, and exploring nature with her young daughter.


Laurel, Realtor

"My family moved to Florida in April from Wisconsin, not having any knowledge of the area at all. Elizabeth Fallon, her awesome son LJ and the Mid Pinellas Learn and Play group made us feel so welcome. My son and daughter made new friends, and learned so much about the amazing parks and flora and fauna of the area. I'm so grateful for the friends we have made and all of the amazing fun we have had! I tell every mom I meet about this incredible group. Elizabeth's energy, and enthusiasm for exploring the outdoors is inspiring! Also, Stacey Diaz's science classes are super cool as well!

Samantha, Homeschooling Mom

"Elizabeth is an amazing mother and group organizer! I've learned so much about patience, nature, our local area, and educating outside of the classroom in the short time I've been following her. I look forward to seeing her grow this community and having her as a mentor."

Stacey Diaz, Science Teacher

"We play and learn everyday! We go to different parks & playgrounds where we live with Mid Pinellas Learn and Play. Today we saw 12 different species of birds. 

We started in this group with me babywearing her buring the long walks and when the summer hit had to utilize a stroller because this big girl just wouldn't commit to walking. well that may be all behind us as this girl has walked all events the last 2 weeks! She loves holding my hand as we trek mile after mile."

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