Frequently asked Questions

What is Mid Pinellas Learn and Play?

We are a group of parents and caregivers who meet up exploring playgrounds, parks, and preserves. We understand that learning happens best when you are using the most amount of senses possible. We love nature and enjoying showing the younger generation how important the ecosystems are to us and future generations. We have our own nature and forest school program we are in no way affiliated with any other organizations who meet here locally.

When do we meet?

Monday through Friday and some weekends. Please fill out a registration form  to see our event calendar.

How much does it cost?

Our Winter 2020 registration cost is $15.00 per family. We do have a $25.00 material cost for a logo bag, binoculars, bug catchers, andmonthly nature journals. Our class prices are $5.00 per class if you purchase a class package, if not our classes are $8.00 for a drop-in rate. We do offer discount class packages please see our pricing structure. 

When do I register?

Registration for our Winter semester will open in November. Our winter session will run from January until the end of May.

Registration for our summer session will open in April. Our summer session will be the length of summer break.

Our Fall semester registration will open in July. Our Fall semester begins in August and runs through December.

How do I sign up for classes?

You need to register and pay  for a class package. After, you pay your invoice you will be able to sign up for classes. Please look at our available classes under our class descriptions, look at our nature school pages, or read our blog posts. 

How do I pay for classes?

Once you fill out our registration forms you will choose which class package best fits you and your family. You can let us know if you would like to purchase additional class packages during the semester. You will receive an invoice and payment is due 24 hours after you register.

What is the refund policy?

Our registration cost, material fee, and class packages are non refundable. 

Does my child have to attend every day?

No, However we do recommend that they attend 2 or more classes in a month per series as we will be building on our knowledge. For example, if you are interested in our forest school or nature school program please attend at least 2 classes per month. 

What is the sick policy?

Please keep your sick children at home. Do not bring your child to class if they are running a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, unexplained rashes, flu, nasal discharge or a persistent cough. This also includes pink eye, head lice and anything else that can be passed around. Many of us are  immunocompromised and we appreciate your understanding of this policy. IF your child is 48 hours symptom free you may return to any of our classes or events.

Is this a drop off program?

No, At this point we require a parent or caregiver to be present. We are a child-led classes and as such children explore at different paces and we do not want to rush anyone.

How we will communicate class information?

Please join our member forums and also follow us on our Facebook  public page. Once you register you will also be added to a secret group to receive important semester updates. 

What if the session already started?

We have open enrollment and you are always welcome to join us. 


We have a zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence. Any member who cannot follow these guidelines will be asked to leave. We are open to everyone regardless of age race, sex, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.


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