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Mid Pinellas Learn and Play Handbook 


Mid Pinellas Learn and Play is a secular open minded Nature School. We support families of all kinds, this includes families of all faiths and cultures, natural family living, and attachment parenting. We are a cooperative of parents/caregivers who work together to support our children and to help enrich the learning process. 

We have classes Monday through Friday. We meet generally from 10:30am- 12:00pm.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


All current session members will have access to our members only pages to stay up to date on our current classes. You can access this information from our website or on the Wix app. Our leaders use this forum to keep open lines of communication between our leaders and our parents/caregivers. 


The admin team reserves the right to alter or add to these policies as needed. 

We do have a $40 Registration Fee per family per session to become a member and attend classes each session. Once you have become a member you are able to sign up for classes and attend events. Registration fees are non-refundable. We also have a $20 Material Fee per family per session. Our Class Fee is $60 per child per session for 6 classes. 

Code of Conduct

We ask that anyone who is attending our events to understand they we are creating an environment that embraces these character traits: respect, responsibility, safety and attentiveness. Families are asked to actively participate and are responsible for their child's own learning.

Parents or caregivers are responsible for supervising the children they bring at all times. We understand with multiple children this is a challenge and as a group we share responsibility for ensuring the safety of all children. 

Lightning/ Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather please check our Facebook group, our website forum, or Wix app for updated information. As always if it is thundering we will seek shelter.

Minor/Major Illnesses

Adults and children should not attend classes or events if they are running fevers or are contagious.

Children should stay home if they are running a fever, have unexplained rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, mucus from a cold that is cloudy or discolored, pink eye, the flu or and other contagious diseases.


If you or any family member has Covid 19 do not attend our classes and notify a staff member upon any family member testing positive.

Medical Emergencies

If a child or adult experiences symptoms that signify and emergency call 911

All other minor injuries will be treated by a parent or leader who has supplies.



We reserve the right to not issues refunds. 

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