Class Descriptions


Playground events will be free. We will rotate parks around Mid Pinellas meeting up from around 10am-1:30pm. Science class and Sensory art will have a fee. 


Science Class meets on the first  and third Monday of every month unless there is a holiday.  Age recommendation is ages 3 and older. This class is taught by Stacey Diaz, a certified teacher. There will be a fee associated with this class.

Sensory Art will be the 3rd Monday of every month. We will have something geared for children of all ages. There will be a fee associated with this class.

Nature Walks will be held every Tuesday and some Thursdays.  All of our walks will be child-led. We will be talking about 1-2 ecosystems each month along with the flora and fauna we see on our walks. The children will be using their nature journals as they like along our walk.  We will stop to allow children to use all of their senses to further connect with nature. There will  be some type of nature craft/ art at every class. There will be a class fee as well as a material fee associated with this class.

Beach School meets once a month at a different local beach so we can best observe the differences in the ecosystem. We will be talking about the ecosystem, flora, and fauna, weather, and currents. We will have fun using our senses to play in the sand and water during open play time. There will be a fee associated with this class.

Forest School meets on Wednesdays and Fridays. We will be using the Oak Hammocks on Wednesdays, and on Fridays we will be in the Pine Flatwoods or Mangroves on the intercoastal.  We will arrive at basecamp led by the children.  All three locations have so much to offer as far as child exploration and sensory options. We will talk about the ecosystems and point out the Flora, and fauna present at our basecamps.  There will be hands on activities for younger children as well as our preteens/teenagers. Children ages 0-2 always have a fun time with all of the sensory options available to them. There will be a fee associated with this class.


Field trips will be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We will be visiting Busch Gardens,  Sunken Gardens,  and so much more. Each trip will be the cost of the ticket price.


Hands on events are very important for learning and making deeper connections. We will be visiting Heritage Village during the semester as the children have so much fun exploring this unique location and get all involved in our history all while playing. We will also visit Folly Farms the 2nd Saturday of every month as this nature park does a fantastic job of create events for children and parents.


Nature School