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 Class Descriptions

Spring 2023 Session
through June 2nd
 Let's learn and play together! 
Nature School
Class leaders meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Our Nature School classes take place in the Oak Hammocks, Pine Flatwoods, or Mangroves along the intercoastal waterways.  All of our classes have a meet up spot close to the parking lot or designated location. We will then walk to basecamp or take a child led walk led by the children.  All locations have so much to offer as far as child exploration and sensory options. While we are at our basecamp we will talk about our nature focus for the session, the flora and fauna around us, mindful activities, literacy, and other topics.  All of our classes help guide children to observe nature and make observations. This helps to develop an appreciation for nature. All classes require registration and class fees.
NEW TIME: 11:30AM-12:45AM
We will offer consecutive classes for a new class: 
 Young Foresters - Dunedin (ages 0-7, Mondays)
We will offer select date classes of each Nature School Class: 
 Tiny & Tall Naturalists - St. Pete (mixed ages 0-12, Tuesdays)
Tiny & Tall Naturalists - Palm Harbor (mixed ages 0-12, Fridays)
Tweets & Twigs WildCrafts - South St. Pete (school aged, Wednesdays)
Tweets & Twigs WildCrafts - Largo (school aged, Fridays)
Young Foresters
Please bring along water, snacks, a blanket, and bug repellant. 
"Young Foresters" is a class open for ages 0-7 children that will explore a child's first
connection to themselves and nature. The class will combine yoga, music,
poetry, art and storytelling with an exploration walk & mindful play!
lead by Betty Larrea
Tiny & Tall Naturalists
Please bring along water, snacks, a blanket, and bug repellant. 
"Tiny & Tall Naturalists" is a class open for mixed ages (0-12) of children as we will learn about real life Naturalists and how to be one! Mixing in literacy, a nature lesson, active explorations, and a discovery nature walk to deepen our knowledge of the flora and fauna of each location. 
lead by Kathleen Amirault (north county) & Stacey Diaz (south county)
Tweets & Twigs Wild Crafts
Please bring along water, snacks, a blanket, and bug repellant. 
"Tweets & Twigs Wild Crafts" is a class open for school-aged children (6-14). We will learn how to do different knot skills, learn about how to identify plants,
and how to keep a nature journal to record what we discover on a nature walk.
lead by Stacey Diaz
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