Class Descriptions

Forest School meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our classes take place in the Oak Hammocks, Pine Flatwoods, or Mangroves along the intercoastal waterways.  All of our classes have a meet up spot close to the parking lot. We will then walk to basecamp or take a child led walk led by the children.  All locations have so much to offer as far as child exploration and sensory options. While we are at our basecamp we will talk about our nature focus for the session, the Flora and fauna around us, nature math, mindful activities, and other topic.   All of our classes help guide children to observe nature and make observations. This helps to develop an appreciation for nature. There will be a fee associated with this class.
Our fall 2 focus will be on Gratefulness & Giving back. We will also be bringing back field trips.
Mondays will be our playground meet ups and Mini lessons. We will have mini Ukulele classes as well as Yoga Classes!
Mini Ukulele Classes will start off easy by teaching you the first few basic notes that are in practically every son. I will teach a few kid songs and we will continue to progress from there.
Yoga and Mindful Nature Play Adventure In this interactive yoga class, children will explore their connection to themselves and Nature through yoga and mindful play. Yoga poses and mindful activities will be inspired by what we find in our natural environment. We will make cooperative art projects such as Mandalas with found objects in Nature and explore other themes such as Gratitude, the Autumn season and Working Together. The class will combine yoga, music, poetry, art and storytelling as we go on a Yoga Adventure together!
On Tuesdays we will  be incorporate American Sign Language and literacy.  
On Wednesdays we will also be incorporate our nature journaling and Math. 
On Thursdays our focus will be art in nature. 
On Fridays our focus will be Nature Walks and Field Trips.