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Spring Session 2021- Storytelling, Science, and Art Oh My!

Spring is a time for change and we are excited to be bringing new classes to our students. Please note the following changes to our schedule we no longer have Tuesday Forest School days nor Thursday playground days.

Ms. Stacey Diaz is bringing her in person sciences classes back to Mid Pinellas Learn and Play only!! EEK We are so excited to have in person science with Ms. Stacey. Class space is filling up quickly so do not delay in getting your spot reserved. These classes will be on Wednesday during our playground meet ups. Our playground meet up is free to those who pay our Spring Family Registration Fee. Science classes are for students ages 3 and up you may use a drop-in class pass or purchase an 8 class pass.

Ms. Mariel Gallagher is bringing art to her Thursday afternoon nature walk days! I can't wait to see what we will be making in addition to our forest school topics.

For the first time we will be bringing storytelling to the forefront of our lessons. All of our children are natural storytellers and this will help encourage and develop more understanding of how to tell stories.

Our pond study nature journals were a hit this winter with our weekly sentence strips. This Spring we will have some fun with new sentence strips talking about Spring. We will be continuing our math skills with nature math, nature games, crafts, and our nature walks.

We will continue to have small class sizes during this time.

to register visit us

Our fees are as follows:

$10.00 Family Spring Registration Fee

$8.00 Drop-in Class (Forest School or Science)

$40.00 8 Class Pass

$25 Materials Bag (highly suggested, it comes with Bug Tongs, Bug Catcher, Binoculars, and a MPLP Logo Bag)

As always feel free to email us @ if you have any questions.

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